Code of Honor – 5.12c

15m / 49ft, 6 bolts

Description: edit

Go far left in the amphitheatre, all the way to the end of the guide ropes where you will find a long daisy chain (2017). Code of honor goes up and right along a tufa rail to start. Clip first bolt from the ground.

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Recent Sendage:

  • 5.12c
    Yay!! Tried in 2015 and 2016 and have had it on my wish list since. This route is so fun!
  • 5.12c
  • 5.12c
    Perfect beta from Andrei snagged me my hardest flash to date! Cheers buddy.
  • 5.12c
    I've heard that it's on the easier side of 12c, I got beta from multiple people (Even sprayed at me while climbing, which is welcome) and I just followed the chalk and black shoe marks the whole way up, and it's short and my style of climbing, but that doesn't make me any less stoked for a 12c flash!
  • 5.12c
    So good! 2nd go but I want to do it again!